Haggerston Park

Visualising of audio loops with moving image.

Haggerston Park is an open space in Hackney, London. It has walking roads, playgrounds, football fields, tennis courts, huge empty spaces and a small BMX track. In a regular walk in the park, I hear sounds from several sources. All these sounds fly into the air, disappear and then rise again just like a loop. Decomposing the sounds as loops and visualising them, my aim was to keep a memory of it, make them appear on the screen and document the soul of the space (Haggerston Park) in an abstract way.

This is an academic project, created as an outcome of a brief of MA Graphic Moving Image in London College of Communication. Students were given random geometric shapes (mine was circle) and asked to explore the form through the underlying principles of Graphic Moving Image and time-based visual thinking as delivered through a screen format; diversity, proportion, scale, dominance, balance, rhythm, meter, tempo pattern and harmony and the elements which give form to ideas and concepts including line, shape, scale, space, light, colour, tone and texture.