Hi, I'm Can 👋

I'm a London-based product designer with over 8 years of industry experience.
My professional journey began at a creative agency in my hometown Istanbul, before I moved to London in 2012 to pursue a postgraduate study in Graphic Moving Image at UAL. I started my own company and freelanced for startups and agencies, primarily designing apps and websites but also branching out to motion graphics and branding in my early career.
Although I have a multidisciplinary background, my sole focus has been on product design and design systems since 2016, during which I’ve had the opportunity to work on impactful projects for companies like Smart Pension, Risika, and SuperCarers. I identify as a UI-specialised product designer but have a keen interest in UX and user research, actively seeking opportunities to contribute in these areas.
I’m passionate about working on products that tackle real-life problems and make a meaningful impact on the lives of end users. I aspire to apply my design expertise in the fields of mental health and chronic illness one day. I have a soft spot for cats, a strong bond with music, curiosity in arts, enthusiasm for cooking, a geeky interest in football, and a deep love for the sea.

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