Smart Retire User Onboarding

Product Design, User Research
What is it?
Within the Smart Retire product lifecycle, a pivotal journey takes center stage – the Illustration & Quote phase. This journey serves as a guided onboarding experience, initially led by a wizard introducing the concept of the 4-pot model and prompting users to make decisions. It culminates in a personalised quote, outlining the user's retirement plan, which can be analysed or further discussed with professionals. Subsequently, the enrolment phase solidifies the path toward using Smart Retire to manage their retirement plan.

Given the complexity of retirement and the age group of our users, getting this journey right was a significant challenge. Over three years, we embarked on numerous iterations, conducted extensive user research sessions and collaborated closely with stakeholders to enhance the user experience. This is a straightforward case study for the evolutionary design journey of Illustration & Quote.
What was my role?
Within the cross-functional design team of this project's squad, which included a lead UX designer, myself as the UI designer, a content designer, and a team of user researchers, we collaborated closely over the years on this particular journey.

My primary responsibilities revolved around translating wireframes and flows provided by the UX designer into polished designs, creating the necessary components and layouts. Additionally, I played a key part in building prototypes for testing sessions and actively participated in these sessions. As a team, we worked collaboratively to synthesise the findings from user research rounds, identify recurring themes and issues, and iterated on the designs accordingly.

Case study in progress, thank you for your patience 🙌