SuperCarers App

Product Design, Design Systems
What is it?
SuperCarers is a digital platform designed to assist families in finding the best care professionals in their area. It provides users with the necessary tools to seamlessly oversee and administer their care services.

The platform serves three distinct user groups, each with access to specific features within the web app: Customers, carers, and admins.

(To safeguard privacy and adhere to confidentiality guidelines, profile photos of the carers on the screens have been intentionally blurred.)
What was my role?
I served as a Product Designer on an 8-month contract. My primary mission was to revamp the entire product by introducing a new interface and enhancing user experience. At the time, the product lacked dedicated design input, and my journey began with the creation of a sustainable and modular component library to be utilised across three distinct user experiences.

We adopted a mobile-first approach to improve responsiveness. Once our design system was established, we collaborated closely to design and implement new features. I I actively engaged in UX activities, either leading or participating, to identify pain points and outline the feature scope.

I was responsible for all stages of design, from initial wireframing to creating high-fidelity prototypes for user testing.
‍Three distinct user groups access the web app, each with specific tools and features
Plenty of research was dedicated to developing an accessible design system. The initial practical step involved designing dashboard screens for both the customer and carer platforms. These dashboards serve as centralised hubs, offering users quick access to overviews and essential actions within a unified interface.
User demographics for both customers and carers guided our focus on usability and simplicity throughout every stage of development. We aimed to alleviate the operational team's workload while empowering users with greater control over care services management.

In collaboration with the Head of Front End and Product Manager, we conducted UX workshops involving stakeholders to efficiently address user challenges, all while balancing business requirements. Customers and carers, distinct in their demographics and tech-savviness levels, were approached separately. However, we maintained visual consistency and unified UI elements across both user groups.

For admin features, I routinely built prototypes to test the user journeys in-house with our operations team.
In designing this product, I recognised the importance of emotional design, given the nature of our mission - addressing a relatable real-world problem by providing care for people's loved ones. Our users, including customers and carers, often found themselves in emotionally charged situations.

For the customers, who may be worried or sad about their loved ones' conditions, my goal was to create an experience that empowers them by giving them a sense of control with various tools. While doing that, I tried not to overwhelm them through a simple, friendly, and accessible interface.

Carers, on the other hand, are doing challenging work. They predominantly used the app on the go, handling critical tasks like communicating with customers and submitting timesheets. Just as with our customers, I focused on ensuring that carers feel in control while maintaining ease of use. Their demanding roles require an interface that streamlines their tasks, allowing them to concentrate on what matters most - providing excellent care.

In essence, emotional design and a deep understanding of user context were at the heart of my approach, ensuring that the product not only fulfills practical needs but also addresses the emotional aspects of care, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.
"Can was pivotal in the creation of a new, sustainable and beautiful interface. He kept us up to date with the latest design trends and was a key player in other areas of the business, such as working with our front-end team to improve the user experience. On a personal level, he was a pleasure to work with and his contribution went beyond his domain expertise." 
Adam Pike, CEO of SuperCarers